Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bad Day (not hurt, but sad)

Assalammualaikum ... Goodmorning .. thankfully, being given the opportunity to be on Allah s.w.t earth.

Old well I'm not writing this in my blogger because I'm little time together, it's known now more busy studying and do not have time for other things except revision. Today the middle of my exams, I do not know why these real with me, want to revise feeling lazy, sadness and longing of those who I love. I feel my life right now quiet and I'm alone because I know Allah is always there for me, but I think I need one to be my life partner to share their problems with ups and downs but all I could not afford to have more. Now I can only be patient, and always pray that god I can certainly match this. now i have no friends anymore like good close friends, such as "good and the bad we still have with us" this friend who you've been looking for. I only just got a friends, sometimes all sometimes need not require me to make friends.

It's all my destiny, I have to accept this reality with an open heart. but all this I'm just sad not disappointed, but I am thankful that God has given me a family who can give me strength dan make me a happy forever not a second minute , day , week , month , dan year .. . 
Thank you Allah s.w.t

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